We have had to make some adjustments in the operation of Junior Bowlers Tour events to follow the guidelines provided to us. The rules we must follow may change from tournament to tournament and from bowling center to bowling center. It is important that the entrants in JBT events check the schedule page each week so they are aware of any new rules that may be in effect.

The JBT will follow the 10-day quarantine rules currently advised by the governor of New Jersey. Individuals traveling to New Jersey or returning to New Jersey from any state other than New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware will not be permitted to compete in or attend a JBT event until 10 days have passed. Those bowlers who are not sure if their circumstances are affected by this rule may contact the Junior Bowlers Tour for a ruling. This rule also applies to adult bowlers and their eligibility to compete in Adult-Junior tournaments. NOTE: In the event it is discovered that a bowler has competed in a JBT tournament while ineligible according to this rule, he/she will be disqualified and forfeit all scholarship winnings and entry fees associated with that tournament.

The JBT format will remain basically the same, but there are some adjustments that have to be made to follow the Covid-19 guidelines. Some of required adjustments (at least temporarily) include:

There will be a limit in the number of bowlers per pair to best allow for social distancing. Entrants will be limited to bringing a maximum of one guest to the tournament. In some cases, the number of spectators may be even further limited and will be noted on the schedule page of this website. We realize this presents problems for some, but it is a requirement so that we stay within the occupancy limits of the bowling center.

Due to the entry limit, we will need bowlers to register for the tournaments in advance. When we reach the limit for a particular tournament, we will no longer take entries for that event. Registering in advance can be done in one of two ways:

     1) Mail in your entry in advance with full payment. At this time, we can accept checks and money orders. We may be accepting electronic
          payments in the future, but that option is not available at this time.

     2) We will accept unpaid reservations with the understanding that the bowler WILL BE AT THE TOURNAMENT. Unpaid reservations may
          be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the start of the tournament. Anyone who makes a reservation and does not come to the tournament
          (and does not cancel the reservation 24 hours prior) will no longer be given the option of making an unpaid reservation for future events.

                                                            Reservations will be accepted by E-Mail at:  JBTBoss1@aol.com

On-site payment for reserved entries: We suggest entrants pay by check or money order and have the check filled out prior to reaching the bowling center. This will allow for swift transactions and no line at check-in. Entrants who must pay with cash should bring exact change since we will not be providing change. This is being done to avoid having bills transferred from person-to-person as much as possible. Those who do not have exact change will be credited with the difference which can be used at a future event. For example: A bowler's fee is $53 and pays their entry fee with three $20 bills...that bowler will have a $7 credit for a future event.

Bowlers will not be changing lanes between games (or there will be limited lane movement). We don't like this from a competitive point of view, but it is another precaution that will be put in place at least temporarily.

Some bowling centers will be taking the temperatures of all people who enter the bowling center. If a bowling center determines that somebody must be refused entry based on an elevated temperature, the JBT will have no power to overrule that decision. This is a safety precaution taken to prevent the possibility that a sick person  is attempting to enter the bowling center.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chuck Pezzano Jr. by e-mail at JBTBoss1@aol.com or by phone at (973) 423-3339.