We will accept pre-paid entries for any event on the schedule

We will accept Unpaid Reservations but please be aware that is with the understanding that you WILL BE THERE. If you have a reservation (or have paid your entry fee) and cannot make it to the tournament, please let us know as soon as possible so other bowlers are not turned away.
To make a reservation, e-mail: JBTBoss1@aol.com
BOWLERO, North Brunswick, NJ - June 27, 2021
27 of 80 available spots have been filled
Caitlyn Battistus
Cephus Beatty III
Alex Berg
Sean Cruz
Peter Daigle Jr.
Kyle Handoga
George King
Jack Konrad
Zach Koslosky
Joey Lamoreaux
Josh Lamoreaux
Jeremy Leventhal
Hunter Machin
Dante Morales
Christopher Padro
Bobby Pagliei
Kyle Perillo
Curt Pezzano
Jarod Pezzano
Abigail Reyes
Matt Russell
Alex Sardis
Joe Spagnola
Josh Spiegel
Kai Strothers
Brad Ward
Brandon Whitney
OCEAN LANES, Lakewood, NJ - June 26, 2021
26 of 50 available spots have been filled
Daniela Arce
Caitlyn Battistus
Cole Cook
Sean Cruz
Jarod Donovan
Sammy Glunk
Kyle Hendrickson
Zachary Jordan
Jack Konrad
Frank Koppie
Joey Lamoreaux
Josh Lamoreaux
Jack McCarthy
Abigail Montgomery
Matthew Moore
Mikael Najarro
Zoey Noto
Christopher Padro
Nicholas Palmeri
Hannah Paszkiewicz
Jivan Persaud
Ramesh Persaud
Aavinaash Rampersad
Daniel Robertson
Tommy San Filippo
Joe Spagnola