Nick Perrone $2093
Kai Strothers 1809
William Cunningham III 1526
Joe Zagari 1525
Daniel Robertson 1388
Kyle Perillo 1173
Jack Konrad 1065
Brandon Bohn 1046
Jeremy Leventhal 934
Josh Lamoreaux 750
Matt Russell 740
Tom Burns 720
Al-Tariq Green 705
KC Campbell 694
Sean Cruz 672
Kimberly Chin 600
Joe Spagnola 557
Joey Lamoreaux 555
Christopher Padro 534
Johann Gamo 525
Shane Matthews 486
Caitlyn Battistus 469
Zachary Jordan 455
Tommy San Filippo 449
Carter Baylog 435
As of June 6, 2021, the Junior Bowlers Tour has awarded $36,335 in scholarships this season
For those bowlers who are applying for scholarship earnings, there are a few simple rules to speed the processing of your request. In almost all cases, requests will be processed within a few days as long as all of the required paperwork is submitted properly.

1) Scholarship earnings are available after you have graduated high school and completed at least one semester of college with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 Those who do not have a 2.0 cumulative GPA will not forfeit any scholarship earnings if they are under age 23, however they will not be able to collect any scholarship monies until the 2.0 cumulative GPA standard has been reached in future semesters.

2) A copy of the student's grades must be submitted to the Junior Bowlers Tour. The student's name and the name of the school MUST BE ON THE GRADE REPORT. Many internet printouts are not acceptable because they do not include this information. Grades should be mailed to: JUNIOR BOWLERS TOUR, 2200 Doole Court, Forney,Texas 75126.

E-mailed grades are often NOT ACCEPTABLE because we are unable to open the file or unable to determine the source of the e-mail. This will delay processing of the request. Students should mail an original grade report supplied by the school or a clear copy of the original.

Please indicate what amount of your scholarship earnings you wish to have sent at that time. Students requesting amounts greater than $2,000 must also submit  copy of a school bill which indicates that the amount requested is now due from the student.

3) The check will be mailed to the student, made payable to the school. The student will then be able to forward the check to their school. Checks WILL NOT be mailed directly to schools. If you are now attending a school different from the school from which your grade report was issued, you must let us know or the check will be made payable to the wrong school.

4) In the event a student wishes to be reimbursed for previous expenses (such as books), a copy of the receipt for those expenses should be mailed with the grade report.

5) Scholarships may be used for tuition, on-campus housing and educational expenses which are paid to the school. Scholarships MAY NOT be used for off-campus housing unless that housing is billed through the school.

6) Students must be high school graduates (or over 18 years of age) in order to request funds to be used for trade schools. In most cases, scholarship monies will be released as a reimbursement for successfully completed course (similar to the 2.0 requirement for college). The student should contact the JBT about the method of acquiring/handling scholarship monies. Each school's grading system and payment method are different and the JBT will work with each student to handle their individual circumstances.

7) All scholarship earnings MUST be claimed by the time the student reaches age 23. On the date the student turns 23, any unused scholarships will be returned to the general scholarship fund of the Junior Bowlers Tour for re-distribution. Students who have begun using their scholarship earnings at the time they turn 23 will continue to have access to those earnings as long as they are continuously attending school. Any request to extend the age deadline (student is in the military, for instance) must be presented to the JBT and approved by the JBT prior to reaching age 23. All such requests will be examined on an individual basis.