42nd Annual
Sunday, August 18, 2019 at
(formerly Carolier Lanes)
790 U.S. Route One
North Brunswick, New Jersey
(732) 846-2424

**   Scholarship Prizes & Scholarship Brackets for Junior Bowlers  **
**  Cash Brackets for eligible bowlers  **
ADULT BOWLERS - Open to all champions who are no longer junior bowlers. Adult bowlers are those who were 22 years of age or older as of August 1, 2018 (21 or younger are considered junior bowlers). All adults bowl scratch.
SCRATCH JUNIORS - Open to all champions who are currently junior bowlers ($250 First Place Scholarship)
HANDICAP JUNIORS - Open ONLY to champions who have bowled a minimum of 21 games in JBT competition during the 2018-19 season ($250 First Place Scholarship)
12:00 NOON (Qualifying Round)
- All entrants will bowl 5 games across 10 lanes. The top 40% of each division will advance to the semi-finals. All scores from the qualifying round will be carried forward to the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals - Handicap juniors will bowl three additional games. Adult bowlers and scratch juniors will bowl three match games within their division with a thirty pin bonus for each match game victory. At the conclusion of the semi-finals, scholarship prizes (one for every six participants) will be awarded to junior bowlers in the scratch and handicap divisions based on the standings at that time. The top four bowlers from each of the three divisions will advance to the championship round.

Championship Round (does not affect scholarship prizes already awarded) - The twelve qualifying bowlers will draw for lanes (4 bowlers per pair) and bowl one game. The top two bowlers on each pair of lanes will advance to the next round and draw for lanes (3 bowlers per pair) and bowl one game. The top bowler on each pair will then advance and bowl a one-game match to determine the overall champion. THE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE CONDUCTED ON A SCRATCH BASIS.
Entry fee is $50 for junior bowlers; $35 for adults
Entry fee may be paid on the date of the tournament or may be mailed to:
198 Tenth Avenue
Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506
For further information, contact Chuck Pezzano Jr. - (973) 423-3339          E-mail: JBTBoss1@aol.com
All checks are to be made payable to: CHUCK PEZZANO JR.

Many of the addresses we have for former bowlers are no longer accurate. If you know of a JBT champion who is not aware of this tournament, please let him/her know they are welcome to compete.
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