The Bowlers of Eastern Scholarship Tours (BEST) Tournament is primarily a scratch event which offers one of the largest top prizes of any junior bowling tournament. A $5,000 top prize has been awarded to the winner in each of the fifteen years of the tournament's existence and will once again be guaranteed in the 2019 BEST Tournament. Over $20,000 in scholarships was awarded in each of the 2007 through 2018 BEST Tournaments.

The BEST Tournament is a joint effort of various junior tournament organizations. Each organization runs qualifying events in which bowlers earn a spot in the BEST Tournament. The 2019 BEST Tournament will once again be held at LAUREL LANES in Maple Shade, NJ on June 15-16, 2019.

BEST qualifier brackets are run at all Junior Bowlers Tour singles events as an optional side event. In each BEST qualifier bracket, one large bracket is run (using scores from four consecutive games) to determine the winner. Interested bowlers may enter the BEST bracket once for $3 or twice for $5.

In each BEST bracket, the winner will receive a partial or fully paid entry into the BEST Tournament (depending on entries). Additional prizes to the second and third place finishers will be awarded if entries warrant.

As of November 26, 2018, the 61 bowlers listed below have qualified to compete in the BEST Tournament of 2019.

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Althouse, Daniel
Baker, Maribeth
Bauer, Jackson
Bennett, Kolby
Blair, Gene
Bloom, Jenna
Bostic, Charles
Brink, Connor
Brown, Desmond
Cairns, Caitlyn
Campbell, K.C.
Carlisi, Ryan
Chappell, Logan
Chin, E.J.
Connelly, Hayley
Cutler, Ralph
DeMartin, Justin
Dombrowski, Alex
Drost, John
Duffy, Matthew
Dundore, Mackenzie
Erickson, Isaac
Flowers, Devin
Fuscarino, Bryan
Gamo, Johann
Heck, Connor
Herron, Nolan
Horton, Alex
Keane, Mackenzie
Kennedy, Brian
Kenny, Dan
Kerr, Tevon
Kountourzis, Alex
Laube, Holly
Lettich, Thomas
Mahoney, Joseph
Manetta, Hannah
Matthews, Ethan
Matthews, Shane
Maynard, Jonathan
Mirza, Harris
Murdaugh, Alex
Ocello, Joey
Paugh, Chris
Perrone, Nick
Plyler, Houston
Reardon, Sydney
Ross, Eddie III
Russell, Matt
San Filippo, Tommy
Sardis, Alex
Schwab, Katelyn
Simmons, Jason II
Smith, Hayden
Stackewicz, Allison
Starr, Kayla
Vitelli, Francis
Ward, Matt
Weidlick, Mike
Williams, Jennifer
Zwiebel, Sam