1. Junior Bowlers Tour tournaments are open to all male and female junior bowlers (21 years of age or less as of August 1, 2018) who have never been a member of the Professional Bowlers Association. The 2018-19 Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT) season runs from September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019. Bowlers may choose to compete in either the scratch or the handicap division.

Eligibility for Junior Bowlers Tour events is based only on age as described above. Bowlers may compete in any type of league or tournament play for any type of prizes and still be eligible for JBT events. Joining the Professional Bowlers Association is the exception which will make a bowler ineligible for JBT participation. As always, the JBT reserves the right to accept or reject any entry in any event operated by the JBT.

Handicap Division
: Entrants will bowl five games across ten lanes in the qualifying round. 100% of the difference between the bowler's average and 200 will be added to each game. The top 40% of the field will advance to the semi-final round and will bowl three additional games. All totals from the qualifying round will be carried forward. The top five bowlers after the eight games will advance to the step-ladder finals. If there are less than seven semi-finalists, the top four bowlers will advance to the step-ladder finals. 100% of the difference in the bowlers' averages will be the handicap in the finals.

Scratch Division: Entrants will bowl five games across ten lanes in the qualifying round. The top 40% of the field will advance to the semi-final round and  bowl three match games. If there are five or more girls competing in the scratch division, a minimum of one girl will be among the 40% which advances to the semi-finals (if there are ten girls, at least two will advance, etc.) All totals from the qualifying round will be carried forward. There is a thirty pin bonus for each match game victory. The top five bowlers after the eight games will advance to the step-ladder finals. If there are less than eight semi-finalists, the top four bowlers will advance to the step-ladder finals.

SCRATCH CHALLENGE EVENTS (indicated on schedule) will use the same format as the scratch division above with the following adjustments: Entry is limited to bowlers in high school or below. Competition will be held on challenging lane conditions. There will be separate qualifying for boys and girls, with the top 40% of each group advancing to the semi-finals. Qualifiers will be combined for the semi-finals and finals. A minimum of one girl will qualify for the step-ladder finals.

3.  Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All entrants must be ready to check-in 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time. Walk-in entries will be accepted at the tournament site as space permits. Please check starting time for the tournament(s) you have entered.

4. The entry fee is $46 per tournament. The entry fee for JBT members when paid prior to the date of the tournament is $41. All bowlers entered in the tournament are eligible for scholarship prizes.

5. Plaques will be awarded to all step-ladder finalists in each division. Scholarship prizes will be awarded based on the finals standings of each tournament. The first place scholarship prize of $200 in each division is GUARANTEED and will increase as entries surpass 25 in a division. At least one scholarship prize for every five entries will be awarded in each division.

"CHUCK'S BUCKS" will be awarded to bowlers for various accomplishments at JBT tournaments. Chuck's Bucks may be used towards payment of entry fees for specified JBT tournaments during the season.

6. Proper dress and behavior is expected of all participants. Bowlers are NOT permitted to wear hats, sleeveless shirts, torn clothing, clothing with offensive language or graphics, or any apparel which the tournament director feels is inappropriate. Collared shirts are strongly suggested. Dress shorts (not basketball shorts or jean cut-offs) are permitted in JBT events. Smoking is not permitted by JBT bowlers BEFORE, DURING or AFTER the tournament. Any bowler who uses foul language, makes obscene gestures or abuses equipment will be subject to disqualification, as determined by the tournament director. Any bowler who fails to put forth his/her best effort at all times during a tournament may be immediately disqualified, at the sole discretion of the tournament director. Only those bowlers who are still in competition, scorekeepers and tournament officials will be permitted in the settee area.

7. AVERAGES: Bowlers are to submit the higher average of: 1) highest current winter league average for 15 games or more in the 2018-19 season, or 2) highest final winter league or JBT average for the 2017-18 season. Bowlers will use their current JBT average after they have bowled 21 games in JBT competition, providing it is higher than their entering average. Those who bowled less than 21 games in JBT competition in the 2017-18 season will be re-rated (prior to each tournament) by splitting the difference between their entering average and their current JBT average; if the re-rated average is higher than the entering average, the re-rated average will be used. Additional re-rating of a bowler's average may be done at any time at the discretion of the Junior Bowlers Tour. Bowlers who have not competed in a JBT tournament in 13 weeks or more are required to re-submit their average as if they were a first-time bowler.

8. All rules not specifically covered will be governed by the rules of the Junior Bowlers Tour and the general rules of bowling. The tournament director reserves all rights regarding all rules decisions and the operation of the tournament.

JUNIOR BOWLERS TOUR MEMBERSHIP / DISCOUNT CARD: Individuals may obtain a Junior Bowlers Tour membership for $25.00. JBT membership is valid through August 2019 in all conferences of the JBT and will entitle members to a $5.00 discount for prepaid entries in each regular singles event as described in Rule #4. All members will also receive a set of Junior Bowlers Tour discount coupons with a value of more than $200. JBT members who compete in ten tournaments will receive a $5 discount in all regular season singles events from that point forward. JBT members who compete in twenty tournaments will receive a $10 discount in all regular season singles events from that point forward. Membership is not required to compete in JBT events, however it is strongly encouraged due to the benefits.

JUNIOR BOWLERS TOUR POINT SYSTEM: Point standings for all bowlers who compete in the JBT will be computed to help determine season-end award winners and to determine eligibility for special JBT Tournaments. All bowlers will receive 8 points for each tournament in which they compete. Additional points are awarded based on final position finish as follows:

1st - 50                    7th - 23                    13th - 17                    19th - 11

2nd - 40                  8th - 22                    14th - 16                    20th - 10

3rd - 35                   9th - 21                    15th - 15                    21st -  9

4th - 30                 10th - 20                   16th - 14                    22nd -  8

5th - 25                 11th - 19                   17th - 13                    23rd -  7

6th - 24                12th - 18                   18th - 12                     24th -  6

All semi-finalists who do not finish in the top 24 will receive 3 points

SPECIAL EVENTS: During the course of the season, various special events (with larger scholarship prizes) are conducted by the Junior Bowlers Tour. Some of these events require a bowler to have participated in a minimum number JBT tournaments during the 2017-18 season in order to be eligible to enter these events. Some events have no minimum participation requirement.


1. Entry fee is $3.00, payable any time prior to the start of the tournament.

2. All scores used will be the SCRATCH scores of the bowlers. Handicap division bowlers may participate but will use their SCRATCH scores to determine advancement.

3. First game scores will be used to eliminate one-half of the entrants from Scholar Dollar competition. Second game scores will be used to eliminate one-hale of the remaining bowlers. Third game scores will be used to eliminate one-half of the remaining bowlers.

4. All remaining bowlers after the third game will use their FOURTH GAME SCORE to determine scholarship winners.

5. All Scholar Dollar entry fees collected will be returned 100% during each event. Number and value of scholarship prizes will be based on the number of entrants in each event.


1. This is an optional weekly event which will offer bowlers an additional opportunity to earn scholarship prizes.

2. Scratch and handicap competition will be held during each Junior Bowlers Tour singles tournament. Bowlers may only enter the Super-Bracket in the division in which they are competing that day.

3. Entry fee is $3.00. Bowlers will be randomly distributed to determine opponents in one large match-play bracket for each division. Beginning with the SECOND game of the tournament, entrants one-game score will be compared to their opponent's score. Handicap division bowler's scores will include handicap. Winners will advance to face another opponent in the next game, until one overall winner in each division is determined.

4. Scholarship prizes will be awarded each tournament in each division. The number of scholarship winners and the amount of scholarship prizes will be based on the number of Super-Bracket entrants. Entry fess collected for the Super-Bracket will be returned 100% in each event. 


Entrants at each JBT singles event will have the opportunity to earn CHUCK'S BUCKS. Chuck's Bucks are worth one dollar each and can be used to reduce (or completely pay) the entry fee at specified tournaments. All bowlers competing in an event may earn Chuck's Bucks in one of two ways:

1) The top FOUR bowlers in the Repeater Bracket in the scratch and the handicap division (information below) will earn Chuck's Bucks as follows: Repeater Bracket winner - 15 Chuck's Bucks, Runner-up - 10 Chuck's Bucks, third & fourth place - 5 Chuck's Bucks each.

2) Additional opportunities to earn Chuck's Bucks will be available throughout the season, based on participation and accomplishments in various events. These opportunities will be announced as they become available.

CHUCK'S BUCKS may be used towards the entry fee of The Nerve-Wracker, The Scratch Survivor Tournament, the Junior Bowlers Tour Las Vegas Open and the Buddies Pro Shop Open. These tournaments are among those which offer the largest scholarship prize funds of the season. There is NO LIMIT to the number of CHUCK'S BUCKS a bowler may accumulate during the season and it is possible that all of the above tournaments may be paid in full. Chuck's Bucks may be earned from September 1, 2018 through April 1, 2019.


Any bowlers who has EVER won a JBT singles event is eligible to compete in this fun and memorable event. The current JBT bowlers compete with and against the JBT stars of the past (many of whom are now adult, collegiate and/or PBA stars). The unique format offers a qualifying round which determines the scholarship winners among the junior bowlers, followed by the finals where the bowlers from all eras face each other to attempt to win one of the most prestigious events of the season.


In each JBT singles event, a 16-person bracket will be created based on the final position finish of the previous singles event in that conference. These bowlers will be paired (1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc.) to form single-game matches with each winner advancing to the next game of the bracket. The Repeater Bracket will use games 1-4 of the qualifying round. There is no entry fee for this event and only those bowlers who finished in the top 16 positions of the prior event are eligible.

Chuck's Bucks will be awarded to the top four finishers in the Repeater Bracket in each division. The winner will receive 15 Chuck's Bucks; the runner-up will receive 10 Chuck's Bucks; the  third & fourth place finishers will each receive 5 Chuck's Bucks.

Any bowler matched up against someone who does not bowl in that day's event will automatically win that game and advance to the next round of the Repeater Bracket

The JBT Masters Tournament is open to all bowlers who compete in a minimum of five JBT tournaments.

The Masters tournament consists of a six-game qualifying round which will determine the top 16 bowlers in each division. The finals is a two-game, triple-elimination format which makes this event one of the most exciting and anticipated tournaments of the season.